Proofing with AlbumExposure

What is Album Exposure, and why do we use it?

AlbumExposure is an easy way to proof your albums with us and with your clients. It’s easy to use and keeps things organized as all revision notes are kept with the spreads. Best of all, you can brand your client’s links with your logo so your client won’t know we’re involved. You can opt to have client revision sent to us automatically or manually. How you want to work is up to you!


Using AlbumExposure will require you to create a FREE account with them. Don’t worry this won’t cost you anything!

Step 1:

Once your designer creates your album design, you will be sent an email provided with a link to view your album proofs.


Click on the link, and you will be directed to the next step. If you don’t have an AlbumExposure account, you will need to create one. It’s free!


If you already have an account, just login to AlbumExposure.

Step 2:

You should be directed to My Albums. Click “Start Proofing” and you will now be able to view your layouts!



A. Navigate through your spreads using the toggle buttons.

B. Have comments or revisions to certain spreads? Comment in the box provided! (Only your designer will see your comments, for now)

C. View in fullscreen, slideshow, thumbnails or book layout.

Step 3:

If you’ve commented in the boxes (B) for your spreads,  click “REVISE”, and we will review your feedback and revise your layouts. Your designer will send you another round of proofs for your review!


If nothing needs changes, and you are ready to send these proofs over to your client, click “ACCEPT”, to proceed to the next steps!


Step 4:

If you clicked on “REVISE”, just wait for your designer to modify your layouts. We will send you another round of revisions soon!

If you clicked on “ACCEPT”, you will see this message:


Go ahead and press “accept”.

Step 5:

You’ve just accepted your album! This just means that your album has moved from the “Design Reviews” in your account and is now ready to be sent to your clients, by you.

You should see a pop up like this:


Most likely, you want this proof to be sent to your client, so go ahead and click on “Send to Client”. If you do NOT need your clients to approve, and your album is ready for print, then just click on “approve album”.

Tip #1:

If you want your SnapEdits designer to be able to view comments by your client automatically, you can select this in “Communication with my design studio”, in your settings. This way, your designer will be able to see the comments and revise the layouts right away.

Otherwise, select “Do not automatically share comments with SnapEdits”. Instead, you (not your client) will be communicating with us about any design changes.


Tip #2:

If you would like your proofs to be branded with your company logo, select “Settings” at the top right corner of the webpage, and click on “Branding”.


Upload your logo and hit “save”. Your client will now see your branding!


Step 6:

After a few more back and forth revisions, your client is finally ready to approve!

After your client is ready to approve the final album designs for print, have them click on “I love it, approve my album!” button.


Your designer will send you print ready files right away!

Step 7:

Once your designer notifies you about your psd or jpeg files, you can download the files in Album Exposure.

Just log in, select “Albums” in the menu at the top left corner of the webpage.

You’ll see your Album name.  Select “Actions” from the menu on the right, and select “Download source files”


Step 8:

Select one of the options to download your images.


Your files will be downloaded shortly!

Step 9:

Now that you have all the final psd/jpeg files you need, you are ready to send it to the printer of your choice!